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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Diaper Tale

Sara walked into Babies 'R Us, looking like she was on a mission. She knew exactly what she was looking for, she was really excited and could tell she was smileing maybe a little to much. She'd been looking forward to this all month, planning it out over and over in her head.

She was on her way to babysit for a parents friend's one year old for a week while they were gone on a business trip. They owned their own business and had no choice but to go. They asked Sara because none of the family was available.

Sara got to the area of the store she was looking for, the diapers. Sara had known for a year or so now she was a Diaper Lover as the term was used even though she didn't like it much. She had tried one on babysitting for another family and enjoyed it. So this week was going to be her own little experiment, no potty for a week. She knew it was drastic but she really wanted to see what it was like. She picked a value box of Pampers Baby-Dry size 6 from the shelf. She knew they'd fit 'cause when she'd worn before it was Baby-Dry size 5 and they were just a bit snug. Before going to check out she got baby wipes and plastic bags for clean up and diaper disposal.

She walked to the checkout, there were no odd look or anything but Sara still felt a little tense. But she got her total and paid and walked out the door to her car. Tossing her diaper week stash into the back seat she got into the car. It was only a ten minute drive to the house as Sara jammed out to the radio.

Sara arrived at a split level home in suburbia, white siding, landscapeing, everything a middle American home would be. She walked up to the door and rang the bell.

"Why hello Sara, right on time." The mom said. "Please come in and we'll get you all aquanted."

Sara walked in, to her right was the living room with a Tv, couch, and love seat. Ahead of her was the kitchen, stairs running upstairs and down were on her left.

"Upstairs is the nursery. You'll probably not have enough diapers and stuff to make it through the week. When you happen to run out, there's money on the counter. We're going to assume you're going to use it. There's also some money for you to get pizza or something one night. Downstairs is where you can sleep, there's another TV and a matress on the floor. You can move it if you want. That's really about it. Thanks so much for doing this."

Mr. Smith walked up. "We're all packed honey. Hi Sara, you have any questions?"

"No, I think I'm all set."

"Well thanks for doing this, it's such a help. We'll try to call and check in a few times a day." said Mr. Smith "Let's let her get settled, honey. I'll grab the bags." And with that he ran up to their room.

"There's nothing I should know about Holly?" Sara asked.

"Nope, she's a good baby."

"Alright, then I should be all set."

Mr. Smith returned with their bags and with a quick goodbye they left Sara to get settled. When Sara was sure they were gone, she ran out to her car and got her supplies. She took her stuff up to the nursery where Holly was sleeping still. Sara knew there'd be a diaper change when she woke so she had to get going. She took the diapers, wipes and plastic bags out. She went across the hall to the bathroom and got the garbage can from there, this would be her diaper pail. She put a plastic bag in it and set it next to Holly's diaper pail. Placed her wipes on the changing table.

It was time for what she had been waiting for all month, her diapers. She took off her jeans and kicked them aside for the moment, and pulled down her undies. She opened the pack of diapers and took one. Elmo, she'd always liked Elmo. She opened the diaper, laid down and put it on.

She loved how it felt. The slight crinkle when she moved. Everything about it. She put her jeans back on and tossed her undies into the diaper pail. She went down stairs and put her bag of clothes by her bed. She had packed no undies as incentive to wear her diapers. She already was having fun. As she sat down to watch TV she realized she had to pee. She had been wanting to wet but was surprised it was that quick.

She stood up and squated down a little bit. The other times she had wet it had taken a bit. This time it was easy and almost natural. She felt warmth slowly at first and then quicker, more naturally entered her diaper. She stood as she finished. The diaper was plenty wet and Sara was on cloud nine. Just then she heard Holly crying, a diaper change would have to wait.

Sara ran up to the nursery, she could feel her diaper swinging just a little bit. She walked over and picked Holly up, she right away checked Holly's diaper and as she figured Holly was wet. She carried Holly over to the changing table and laid her on her back. She undid Holly's onesie and undid the tapes of her diaper. She removed the dirty diaper and cleaned her off putting her in a fresh diaper. Sara's only complaint was Holly wore Huggies but she'd get over it.

She put Holly's onesie back on and tossed the dirty diaper in Holly's diaper pail and went down to the living room and put her in her play pen in the corner. She decided she'd change her diaper later. She sat down to watch TV and decided on a baby story, she had always been interested on how babies were born.

After watching TV for an hour Sara decided it was time for her first diaper change. She went upstairs to the nursery. She took off her jeans and laid down on her back and undid the diaper tapes. She took her took off her wet diaper and slid it off to the side. She wipped herself off and opened a fresh diaper and put it on. She closed the tapes, stood up, and put her jeans back on and went back down stairs.

The diaper week had only just begun...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Diaper Free Days

Some days I just don't feel like diapers. After wearing them obsessively for the last few weeks I'm taking a diaper sabbatical. This tends to be how it goes with me, wear a lot, then not at all for a while. Diapers have a lot to do with my mood, right now I don't want them getting in the way of being a normal college student. I'll wear again at school I'm sure. But I made my last dirty diaper for a while last night. Not sure why these swings happen but I see nothing wrong with them. Life changes and so should your diapers. No one wants to stay wet and messy right? Diaper rash is evil. But anyway, the diaper life is one of your own choices, it shouldn't be ruled by what others think. I personally believe that everyone should at least try wearing and using a diaper before they consider mocking or laughing at someone who enjoys this. Stay diapered.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My First Posting - A Little Background

I'm doubting anyone will read this, but what the hell. Incase you thought I was joking, yes I am a diaper lover, meaning I personally enjoy wearing baby diapers as well as pull-up type diapers. I am not the only one and I know there are others like me, now a little about me.

I'm a 21 year old male, I have a girlfriend who supports my love of diapers. I got my interest in diapers years ago, not entirely sure how it happened but it had something to do with the day my brother and I played catch with a pack of Pampers in the church nursery. The pack broke open and we had to put them all away. Well the next week I got curious and took one from the nursery. I'd put it in my underwear and it felt nice. Well I got a few more diapers this way but decided that someone may notice if diapers were vashishing from a nursery few people used. So I began taking used, wet diapers from the diaper pail in the nursery. I enjoyed the fact they were wet even more. So I did this until I was out one night about a year ago when I decided to go buy a pack of girls Goodnites L/XL. Well they fit perfectly and I've been going through pack speratically ever since.

I come from a normal family and go to a normal college. The facts of which are insignificant to these postings. I enjoy watching movies, listening to music, hanging out with friends, and spending large amounts of time with my girlfriend whom I love dearly. I live a normal life aside from wearing diapers.

When it comes to diapers I do use them. I personally enjoy wetting my diapers after being dry for a little bit. I buy the girls Goodnites because they appear more babyish to me and if I could I'd wear Pampers but I'm to big for that, so I make due. Goodnites hold enough for me and that's all I really need. Someday I'll buy some adult diapers online but for now my Goodnites do everything I need.

So that's me and my diapers. Let the blogging begin.